YAR. Live music at home.

YAR is not just another audio brand. It is a bespoke system that delivers the ultimate in audio experience, a system that allows pure sound to naturally flow, handcrafted in Italy for you and only 99 others.

Functional design, together with cutting edge technology, ensures the unique purity of the YAR sound. The best components, materials and the most discerning of certified suppliers from the high-end car, aeronautics and space technologies industries, are YAR’s secret ingredients, while carbon fibre is the mystery that defines its harmonic perfection.

The fibre of YAR.

Used extensively for the first time in audio technology, carbon fibre is the only material that would ever be able to bring the concept of YAR to reality. Its lightness and flexibility does not convey its strength in shielding the system from any external interferences to guarantee the ultimate centre stage sound.

YAR’s unique, bold design is a master-class in delivering an amazingly natural three-dimensional sound. Curved lines replace parallel surfaces to eliminate any internal resonance, the speakers ‘disappear’ and all that remains is the purest of sounds.

“..the sonic performance has not been sacrificed at the altar of style. The YAR system creates a bold, impressive, room-filling portrayal of the music”

Ken Kessler, UK

“High-end start-ups appear frequently, and many of the more elegant ones come from the home of Ferrari and Maserati. But YAR Audio is different from most.”

Alan Sircom, UK

“So how did it sound? In a word: Ineffable”

Alexandra Kirkman, USA

“YAR sounds amazing to me”

Jonathan Margolis,   UK

“When the First Cellist at La Scala Opera House likens listening to music on your audio to that of a live concert hall, you know you’re on to something special”.

Thomas Midulla,  Global

“YAR is a truly unique and outstanding audio system, totally inspired by nature.  So you can hear the true sound of the original material”

Sebnem Denktas,  Turkey

“YAR cattura la musica”

Sara Magro, Italy

“Las bocinas parecen desaparecer y todo
lo que queda es: el más puro de los audios”.

Belén Carrasco, Mexico

“Новый бренд премиальной акустики YAR презентовал роскошную аудиосистему Начальная стоимость которой – 250 тысяч евро”

Igor Garanin, Russia

“YAR is a revolutionary audio experience representing a new dimension of sound”.

Daanesh Kalyaniwalla, Dubai